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The future of integration platforms is prescriptive rather than descriptive

Originally posted on Gigaom:

As our lives get more connected, we often find ourselves building and managing integrations between our devices and our digital or physical worlds. But as the internet of things evolves, so will the cloud platforms that help build these integrations. The next generation of integration platforms will be prescriptive where they will be able to observe our behavior across various facets of life and automatically build or recommend integrations for us.

The popularity of APIs today has given rise to vendors such as IFTTT and Zapier that help us tie various services together very easily, without requiring us to program to the APIs ourselves. Gartner likes to call such vendors iPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service providers.

You can specify a trigger and a corresponding action to do something fun like blink your lights when your favorite sports team wins or save energy by switching off your lights…

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” He who is patient, calm, gentle, and forgiving under all circumstances, manifests the Truth. Truth will never be proved by wordy arguments and learned treatises, for if men do not perceive the Truth in infinite patience, undying forgiveness, and all-embracing compassion, no words can ever prove it to them.”

- from The Way of Peace by James Allen


Untitled/ Thoughts of a King


Can’t sleep for the dreams I chase daily.

My soul. My God am I.

A righteous king has always been my heart.

Who shall lead the people? Who shall feed the sheep?

If not we who have the light, for surely darkness surrounds the sun.

Walking on ordered footsteps. Time has become my servant.

I travel now to see you in the world we have manifested.

Seconds are my canvas, I color them with peace for the viewing of the passerby.

What is a human being? What are our capabilities?

Reconnected with Earth, our journey unfolds.

We have ascended, show the people.

Be strong and of good courage. We are changing the world.

One thought at a time we travel.

Light years from fingertip to palm.

Bring your dreams to the light for all to see.

Your path is yours to travel.



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Gotta start somewhere!


As an entrepreneur, seeing posts like this excites me!

Originally posted on five17designs:

On 5/19/2013 my husband and I stood in our kitchen of our apartment and made a pact to go into business for ourselves. Ironically the time was 5:17 pm which is the name I want to use for my web design business; five17 designs. I studied web design several years back, graduated and transferred schools. I found an entry level position with a small time web design company and felt super official. unfortunately business slowed down and I was given the boot. When I look back I regret not staying and working for free. I could have used the experience, but I was young and stupid. Fast forward a few years and I am now working for a great federal program and I LOVE my job. I get to travel and meet people who are after the same goal, which is to help low-income/first generation and underrepresented students go on to get their …

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